Thursday, September 30, 2004

Gettin' hitched N'awlins style

No, no, I did not get married. But my cousin did. I was down there last week for the happy event. Nasreen & Rob got hitched, and they did in style! Nasreen looked absolutely gorgeous, of course. And Rob could not have looked happier. After the ceremony, the two surprised us (and the rest of the wedding guests) by leading us (along with a jazz band!) on a parade through the streets of the French Quarters. Everyone came out--from bars, restaurants, apartments, stores--to watch as we waved our white handkerchiefs and danced to the jazz through the streets. It was so much fun! People were snapping pictures & whisteling & congratulating the newlyweds.
The getaway to New Orleans gave me a chance to reconnect w/my sis & her girls. It was a great girls weekend! We shopped, watched movies, drank (well me & my sis anyway and I did and said things that I don't recall, made phone calls I vaguely remember--all on the good ol' Bourbon Street where you can buy huge ass beers, tasty drinks in tall green things all from a little window and hang around the street enjoying it), shopped some more, went for a dip on the rooftop, and managed to get in a little historic sightseeing too!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I am craving creativity like some people crave chocolate. I need an outlet. I'm finding that I'm more & more attracted to creative types. "She fell in love with a drummer, another & another". I'm sorta into drummer boys right now. Well, one in particular. But it's unclear if he's into me--considering we've never met. No, despite the chosen lyric, I'm not in love w/someone I haven't met yet. Any suggestions on creative outlets? I'm open to just about anything...
This weekend I had some pre-wedding celebrations--a bachelorette party, a bridal shower. Sandwiched in between was a speed-dating event for Muslims, organized (or not so much, I should say) by an aunty. Obviously so, much to my dismay--there were too many moments when we were sitting there waiting for boys to come around. The most interesting thing about it were the spectators. Did you know speed-dating is now considered a spectator sport? We had parents watching, seeing who their beloved child paid attention to and who they thought should have paid attention to. As if the whole process wasn't uncomfortable enough. I got to meet about 24 guys and I learned all of their names, their occupation, their city of residence and that's about it, before the bell rang and they moved on to the next table of anxiously awaiting women. I remember one--and that only his career and city. I met some nice women--the ones that were sitting w/me at the table. I did not succeed in finding my $50 husband, much to my parents' dismay. Sorry mom & dad. The search continues.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Where did the summer go?

I only started this blog thingy a month ago. At first I thought, who really cares what I have to say? I posed this question to a friend who said it doesn't matter--I do it for myself. I like that. My summer flew by--where did it go? It went to many, many street festivals, Sunday afternoons w/friends, to Texas for a wedding, to Indiana, to an outdoor film fest, a random hookup w/an ex (fun times?), to hanging w/a new baby niece, to a day spent with my favorite girl visiting from Iraq, to enjoying very happy times w/a friend right before she moved to NYC--here's hoping she's found her ladies who lunch, to drinks w/friends, to Spiderman 2, the Village, 24 hours of 24 (y'know the show w/Kiefer) sitting on the edge of my seat, to expensive car repairs, to dinner w/close friends, to a 5k walk for battered women, getting to know new friends, to the Millenium Park, and to serial dating online.

I was troubled by the fact that I've turned to this medium as an option for meeting people. But a wise girl told me, "it doesn't matter how you meet, just that you meet". So, I went on a few dates. One was bad, one was okay and one was great. But none of them went anywhere. As my 12-yr-old nieces told me on some pajamas--boys are stupid, throw rocks at them. Hope I don't hit anyone too hard in the head.

I want an extension on summer--I'm not done w/my love affair with it. Or with the city--that's for my bad date.