Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dedicated Blog

Consider yourself warned: this is a really serious blog. Feel free to stop reading here for this might be too heavy for a blog.

Recent events have me contemplating life. Too often we go through life not realizing how little time we have left in this world. And too often we don't tell the ones we love and care about how much we love and care about them. Of course we don't really need to hear it all the time 'cos we feel it when we see each other, talk to each other, share special or not-so-special moments. It's a feeling that is understood, I know that well. So, please do not take this to feel obligated to tell me how much I mean to you. If I've talked to you or seen you recently, I already know. But I did want to tell you how much you all mean to me--no matter how slightly or greatly you've been a part of my life, it's meant something to me and chances are I've walked away feeling my life is a little fuller just having met you or known you for a long time. This blog is dedicated to all of you. And to the special being that didn't make it into this world.

Wild Boys

Please, please tell me now! Are there any Duranies out there? Yea, y’know you’re out there, so don’t even try denying it! I went to the concert with four of the five original members. At the age of 30-something, my friend and I got dropped off and picked up from the show—by her husband (no parents dropping us off this time!). There were a lot of disgruntled husbands accompanying their wives, a few women who didn’t realize we’re no longer living in the ‘80s, several gay men and of course a lot of girlfriends. Though they opened with a new song they did not disappoint us as they shortly broke out into Hungry Like the Wolf. And proved to me that my old age has not gotten to my memory. I remembered all the words. Our seats were perfect—not so close that we were able to see Simon’s love handles (and honestly, there’s nothing lovable about them!) but close enough to see the hotness known as John Taylor. He’s still as skinny and tall and hot as ever! But, can someone please tell Nick to take off that make-up!! Indeed, these wild boys reminded us that this is planet earth and Simon even donned his cap for the Chauffeur. And I couldn’t help but remember all the fainting girls and the limo pulling up to the concert hall from the start of Blue Silver as they played Tiger, Tiger—if you’re a true fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about! They closed with Girls on Film and Rio before we all walked out with our feelings of nostalgia.

Friday, March 11, 2005

'Til death do you 'part or the china pattern do you 'part?

Working at C&B has many benefits--the discount, schtikel, extra $$--but getting up at 7:00 a.m. to be at work at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning is not one of them. Why the insanity when the store does not open 'til 11? There was a special event happening where happily-together couples can come in to register for their big day without the chaos of other customers. To make those early morning hours go by a little faster, while we waited for our grande Starbucks to kick in, my coworkers and I observed the couples and wondered if there is any correlation b/w the registry and the marriage to be...

There was the bride without the groom--will he always be so removed from their life together?
There was the groom that was clearly being dragged through this misery known as registering. We wondered if he's also being dragged to the alter.
A bride came in with her maid of honor--is it a healthy, trusting relationship or is the maid of honor more a part of the marriage than the groom?
A couple arrived with the bride's mother--I wondered how much influence she had on the couple's relationship.
Another couple came in with the groom's mother--did someone say mama's boy?
There was the older couple with a weariness about them...which number are we on honey? Which number wedding, I mean--do they really need more dishes?
There was the threesome--2 girls and a guy. Right in the beginning, after the scanner was handed over, the guy went one way and the two girls the other. Will they meet at the alter?
There was the bride who lost her husband--she asked at least 4 of us if we'd seen her husband. Let's hope he finds his way when it really matters.
There was the overwhelmed couple: "If the goblet is for red wine, and the glass with the longer stem for white wine, what about the glasses with the goblet but a longer stem--what are those for? Should we register for those? Do we need more than one style of flatware? Do we want beer mugs? What's the difference between a double and a cooler and a juice glass? Should we register for knives?" Take a deep breath and count to will be okay...

And, of course, without fail, there is the happy, healthy couple who was just having a good time with the whole thing--from picking the flatware to deciding on the shower curtain. It's always refreshing to see love at its finest.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Wondering what's the best love glove for you & your mate? Considering a change in your rubber selection? Or even if you're not, after reading this you might want to:
I laughed out loud several times, but what a great reference guide for us all!