Monday, August 02, 2004

Lost in Michigan

Was it the translation of the directions? Perhaps! I went to Indiana to see my friend Jamie who was visiting the family cottage in Indy from Canada w/daughter Audra. Getting there was a joy--a 3 hour trip took me about 4.5 hrs as I wandered aimlessly through Michigan. It was an incredible wknd w/J & her v. kind family. As always J had words of wisdom (or confessions) to share with me. I learned that until you have a baby you would never know you could love anyone so much. It's all the love you have for everyone combined into one. I was happy to hear this 'cos as of late I've been wondering if I could love my child (when & if I have one) as much as I love other people in my life. I was also inspired to do something more meaningful with my life. Clinical data management is interesting and challenging for bringing home a paycheck, but what is my passion? What in this world really matters to me that I can contribute to? breast cancer? maybe. Maybe I can take a pet peeve and turn into a contribution to the world.
I finally got a chance to talk to my best girl who is doing big things in Iraq. I'm so proud of you girlie! You're making your mark on many people's lives! She also always has wise things to say and she too reminded me the importance of giving back to the world by doing something meaningful. Off I go to find meaningful things to do!