Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Over Rated

Today at lunch, I decided relationships are overrated. Tonight, I'm buying condoms and watch out, boys, here I come!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another one bites the dust

No, I'm not referring to yet another boy. Just when I was starting to feel secure in my single-ness and enjoying not being interested in any boys, a woman I know goes and gets engaged. Normally I'm genuinely happy when happy things happen to other people. I'm even okay (and I might go as far as saying happy) working with the many happy, happy couples who come into register for their damn weddings, knowing no such thing is in my near future. But, try as I might, I can't get myself to stir up any genuinely happy feelings in this case. All I can see is another wedding that I'll attend (probably alone or with a girlfriend), surrounded by people wondering when it will be my turn, nieces wondering if they'll ever be flower girls in my wedding, a sister wondering when she'll share in this joy with her own sister, parents wondering when they'll be done with the responsibility of getting me married...
Yes, yes, I know there are more important things in life, more things to be happy about...I'll get back there. Right now I'd rather just wallow in the two things that I want but don't have and aren't even visible at the end of the tunnel. Let's hope the bitter-single-woman thing don't last. Here's to being single and enjoying it--I guess.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Corporate Warfare

I've decided to cause corporate warfare--over me. So, I heard about this job at a company and decided to go on the interview. Things were fine at my current job (let's call it Company A) but I thought why not check out other options. Company B apparently liked me and offered me a position. I accepted since it looked like a decent offer. I gave my notice to Company A, who flipped out. They decided they really didn't want me to leave and also made me an offer. Company A offered me a permanent position where as Company B was only offering me another contract position. After much negotiation with Company A and being on an emotional roller coaster, they came in higher than Company B--all things considered. So, I accepted without hesitation. I called and told Company B's reps that I was sorry to decline their offer. The reps then called me back to offer me more compensation than the original. But it's still a contract position. I've decided to stay with Company A and feel relieved that a decision's been made and it's one with which I'm comfortable. But, in all honesty, who would have thought that I'd have two companies fighting for me???? I certainly did not--not now, not ever, esp. not when I was an 11-yr-old whose biggest worry was whether I'd get a typewriter for my b-day. (I did, in case anyone wondered.) I most certainly feel like I'm taking the more comfortable, reliable, stable option but I think I'm okay with that. It feels very grown-up, which is also a new feeling... I was discussing this with a friend--how the stresses of life are no longer about toys or school or grades. Now it's all grown-up stuff like jobs/careers, families, the future, retirement... We're all grown-up people and there are kids worrying about school, grades, the mall, boys and what not to prove it. I like being here.


I did it! I went to NYC and without a doubt it's been one of the best vacations I've ever been on--thanks to citygirl's accomodations and patience while we shopped! I visited J and cousin Azer kindly flew in from England to meet me there. Day 1, I explored J's neighborhood and found Starbucks in the morning. Then when J suddenly had to leave work due to illness, we knew the only thing that would make her feel better was the kate spade sample sale. So, after lunch at the Cafeteria, we headed to her remedy. She felt a little better but I certainly felt great one kate spade later. Day 2, had us experiencing NYC Sex & the City style when we went on a tour by the same name. We sat on Carrie's stoop, enjoyed cupcakes and visited the Pleasure Chest for some toys 'n things. After the tour we visited Chinatown for some purses and almost got arrested. Okay slight exaggeration, but this place is nuts. Little Asian men, women, boys & girls stand on sidewalks saying just under their breaths, "Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach purses." If you happen to hear them, you've scored a visit to the backs of their stores where they lead you into a tiny closet full of fakes. These people are professionals! In one case, we followed a man a safe distance behind down the street, around the corner, behind a van and wondered if we'd accidentally talked ourselves into a drug deal. After the high stress of shopping, we enjoyed a nice lunch in Little Italy and a nicer tiramisu with some great eye-candy. That night Azer met us and we scoped out Mr. Big's bar called the Cutting Room and another place called the Coffee Shop Bar. Day 3, we attempted to see the Empire State Building but it was rainy and gross, so we found ourselves shopping in Soho. Upon Mac's recommendation, we stopped in at the Spring Lounge briefly and not upon his recommendation we had some pizza w/a vodka sauce. It's the one thing that does not compare to Chicago! That night we had planned to check out the nightlife but ended up at home with a bottle of wine, J's boy and Trivial Pursuit. We proceeded to get beaten to death...it was me & J against her boy and I'm claiming that he's been studying those cards whenever he gets a chance. I'm starting my studying too for my next visit out there. Day 4 had us enjoying a great lunch at Serendipity and an attempt to catch Lady Liberty but we arrived at the ferry place at 4:10 p.m. only to find out the last ferry departs at 4 p.m. So, we went shopping. The day concluded with dinner in Soho with Azer and well...shopping. Hmmm...is anyone seeing a theme to this trip? Girl, I've already started saving for my next shopping trip to NYC.

Monday, April 25, 2005

My longest run yet...

I’m training to run the marathon. Sometimes it occurs to me that I’m crazy, even though I know a million others have done it and do it regularly. I’m not that much of a runner, so I don’t what I was smoking/drinking/inserting into my veins me when I signed up. But, I did. And this weekend, I had my longest run yet—10 miles. I seriously wasn’t sure I’d make it, but I had an encouraging friend who kept pushing w/words like “just focus on one thing and don’t think about running” or “that’s one thing you’ll have to do in the marathon—run through your pain—just run through it”. Knowing that she wanted to finish too kept me going. Thanks girl! So, if I was struggling with 10 miles, how will I manage 26.2 miles, you ask? I’ll let you know when I figure that one out! I know one thing for sure, I’ll need an MP3 player. If you feel like buying me a generous gift for no reason other than you love me for existing, please get me an MP3 player.


Only 58 hours and 57 minutes 'til I'm there!! Not that I'm counting or anything...

Moral Dilemma

I am fundraising for this organization called the Fairygodmother Foundation. They grant wishes to terminally ill adults with less than one year to live. I am working on one particular case where a dying mom wants new bedroom furniture for her two teenage sons. Well, I sent out a mass email to a bunch of friends & family soliciting their funds. This brought up issues w/someone close to me, who told me she did not believe in this cause. I told her she should not feel obligated to contribute if she did not believe in the cause—I would not be offended personally. The other day when I was visiting w/her & her family, her husband gave me a check for the same cause. I questioned it, did not get a response and assumed he did not want to discuss it. I felt uncomfortable taking the check, but accepted it not knowing exactly how to handle the situation, but decided to discuss it w/her. I did and found that indeed they had not discussed the matter, as she did not realize he was included in the mass email I sent out. Quite honestly, I had also forgotten he was included in the email. So, now I’m torn—do I keep the check knowing that I need all the help I could get in my fundraising efforts? Or, do I return it knowing one of the two don’t fully believe in the cause? Anyone have any thoughts???

If you would like to make a donation, please make checks out to Fairygodmother Foundation (with "Angelica's Wish" in the memo line) and send them to me. Don't have my address? Contact me and I will give it to you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My gripe about UPS and other random thoughts

It sucks. They’ll send your package to a different address, but not to a different UPS location, so I can’t pick it up from a UPS location close to me. Instead I have to drive an hour out of my way to pick it up because they determine the pick-up location by the zip code. An hour out of my zip code is not logical.
My cousin made me this awesome running c.d. and every time I run with it, I wanna run faster and longer. Hope it keeps me running for those 20 or so miles!!!

My friend has this really awesome blog: http://mycubehasthreesides.blogspot.com/ I can only dream of mine being so cool…
I’m going to NYC next week to visit Jewell and meet up with Azer. Cannot wait! Only 7 more days to go…
I’m on a trail mix kick…but am often reprimanded for not having M&Ms in the mix.
My car is still healthy.
I’m still reading Madame Bovary, along with Running Your First Marathon and One Hundred Years of Solitude and some magazines. I wonder why it’s taking me so long to finish Madame Bovary.


I woke up Monday morning to NBC news, like I do every morning. And the headline story was about the traffic jam being caused under the Fullerton underpass by a water stain. But, it’s not just any water stain, I tell you. It’s one that apparently resembles the Virgin Mary. So, people are stopping and looking at this water stain. And, last night people were even having a candle vigil by the water stain!! I’ve seen the water stain on the news and maybe I’m lacking faith, but I don’t see the resemblance at all. C’mon people, are we so desperate for faith that we need to seek it out in a water stain? I say we find spirituality in better places than a water stain—but, hey, that’s just me.

The Weekend

It was jam-packed. Friday night I went to this awesome light/animation show to music compiled by Moby at the Adler Planetarium. If you’re ever looking for something interesting and different to do in the city, this is it. And the Chicago skyline in the summertime is incredibly beautiful. I cannot wait for it to warm up so that I can enjoy warm, long, romantic strolls by the lake…it was not warm enough this time. The highlight of the weekend was a day of shopping w/the sis and the baby, who was only too happy to see Arshiya Aunti! She started laughing the minute I said hi to her. I tell you, I cannot get enough of that smiling face. Saturday night I went out with another boy. And, they are still up to no good. Had an incredible time, laughing, walking and talking ‘til forever. The next day he called to say, “You’re an amazing person, but I’m really picky.” Thanks but no thanks. Okay, I appreciate the honesty but was a phone call really necessary after just one date—the verdict is still out on that… If I’m an amazing person, why stress that he’s picky—isn’t it kind of like saying, “Oh, you got your hair cut!” without a follow-up? Boys, boys, boys…they continue baffle me. It also got me thinking about how my year’s not off to such a good start as far as some people are concerned—two people I was interested in told me they’re not so interested even though their actions would indicate otherwise and one friend told me she no longer wants to be my friend (after 8 years with no explanation!!). While I’m okay with these people’s decisions, I have came to the conclusion that I need to be more selective in whom I trust. And, though another friend’s wise words echo in my head, “Confidence is sexy, arrogance is not,” I have to say, let the selectiveness begin! Really, though, I’m not as bitter as I sound. I’m just losing faith in people…maybe I should go visit the water stain Virgin Mary…

Monday, April 11, 2005

Birthday, biodatas and other fun stuff

I'm finally coming to terms with being 33. The birthday celebration lasted 5 days--starting w/Plush on Friday night where several friends joined me for drinks, then Saturday some of my favorite nieces & my sis took me to lunch and another friend took me to dinner. Sunday I ran the Shamrock Shuffle! It's only 4.96 miles, but I did it in 56 minutes and enjoyed all 56 minutes. This is one fun run, with bands playing along the way and people cheering you on. Afterwards my friend & I went to Starbucks for a well-deserved extra hot, extra chai, chai-latte. Then off I went to celebrate my newest niece's 1st birthday!!! A whole year lived. Wow. She's 32 years younger than me. WOW!!! On Monday, that actual day of my birth, a friend treated me to more Starbucks and others took me to dinner at a new sushi place and I had what could possibly be the best sushi ever. Tuesday was the dinner w/the p's. My mom's so cute--she made my favorites and got me a cake and the whole bit. She does thing when I leave--she stands in the doorway until I pull out and drive away. I love it. It always makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

So, since I've survived yet another year of life, and remain unattached (here's to being single!!), I decided to spend this Saturday at a very holy speed-dating event at the local mosque. Well, okay, so it wasn't entirely holy and the mosque was not so local and it's not the normal speed-dating kind of thing. One of the requirements of attending this event was submitting a biodata. If you're desi, then no explanation is required, but some of you are not, so here it goes. It's like a resume except with different kind of information. It informs your potential mate of critical information like: name, age, occupation (sometimes income), parents' names & occupations, brothers', grandparents', uncles' names and occupations. Your residential status, in case your potential is seeking a U.S. citizenship. And, of course the most important thing you need to know about your potential mate: your height. I mean, how could you even consider marrying someone w/out knowing his/her height, right? I was lucky enough to be late to the event and was seated at a semi-normal table. At least a couple of guys had some social skills and the ability to converse and even crack a joke or two. It seemed though some guys were quite focused on the task at hand. As one guy put it, "I don't want to talk politics. I'm here for one reason and that's to find a wife." I know, I sound completely evil. Much to my surprise, the event actually ended up being fun. Now I can't say all of these events are horrible. Does that mean I'll have to keep going until I find that un-fun one again? I'm sure it won't be long. Or until I'm 35, since that's the cut-off. No, it was not a complete waste of my Saturday, after all I did get to spend some quality time w/one of my favorite girls, I discovered a relative is "cooler" than I ever thought and I got free advice on my car. And, of course, I met a couple of potentials...

So, on to the other fun stuff:
Last night I went to this Morroccan musician who played sufi trance music at this place called the Hot House. It was very cool. The music was just incredibly moving. Many people were inspired to start dancing (I was not one of them, but it has nothing to do with the music). The Hot House has such a great mix of people and I really enjoyed hanging out in such an international scene.

My car's in the shop again. I hope it lives. Please say a little prayer for it.

I worked at C&B today, after so long. And once again I left there feeling happy and energized. What is it about that place???

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dedicated Blog

Consider yourself warned: this is a really serious blog. Feel free to stop reading here for this might be too heavy for a blog.

Recent events have me contemplating life. Too often we go through life not realizing how little time we have left in this world. And too often we don't tell the ones we love and care about how much we love and care about them. Of course we don't really need to hear it all the time 'cos we feel it when we see each other, talk to each other, share special or not-so-special moments. It's a feeling that is understood, I know that well. So, please do not take this to feel obligated to tell me how much I mean to you. If I've talked to you or seen you recently, I already know. But I did want to tell you how much you all mean to me--no matter how slightly or greatly you've been a part of my life, it's meant something to me and chances are I've walked away feeling my life is a little fuller just having met you or known you for a long time. This blog is dedicated to all of you. And to the special being that didn't make it into this world.

Wild Boys

Please, please tell me now! Are there any Duranies out there? Yea, y’know you’re out there, so don’t even try denying it! I went to the concert with four of the five original members. At the age of 30-something, my friend and I got dropped off and picked up from the show—by her husband (no parents dropping us off this time!). There were a lot of disgruntled husbands accompanying their wives, a few women who didn’t realize we’re no longer living in the ‘80s, several gay men and of course a lot of girlfriends. Though they opened with a new song they did not disappoint us as they shortly broke out into Hungry Like the Wolf. And proved to me that my old age has not gotten to my memory. I remembered all the words. Our seats were perfect—not so close that we were able to see Simon’s love handles (and honestly, there’s nothing lovable about them!) but close enough to see the hotness known as John Taylor. He’s still as skinny and tall and hot as ever! But, can someone please tell Nick to take off that make-up!! Indeed, these wild boys reminded us that this is planet earth and Simon even donned his cap for the Chauffeur. And I couldn’t help but remember all the fainting girls and the limo pulling up to the concert hall from the start of Blue Silver as they played Tiger, Tiger—if you’re a true fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about! They closed with Girls on Film and Rio before we all walked out with our feelings of nostalgia.