Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dedicated Blog

Consider yourself warned: this is a really serious blog. Feel free to stop reading here for this might be too heavy for a blog.

Recent events have me contemplating life. Too often we go through life not realizing how little time we have left in this world. And too often we don't tell the ones we love and care about how much we love and care about them. Of course we don't really need to hear it all the time 'cos we feel it when we see each other, talk to each other, share special or not-so-special moments. It's a feeling that is understood, I know that well. So, please do not take this to feel obligated to tell me how much I mean to you. If I've talked to you or seen you recently, I already know. But I did want to tell you how much you all mean to me--no matter how slightly or greatly you've been a part of my life, it's meant something to me and chances are I've walked away feeling my life is a little fuller just having met you or known you for a long time. This blog is dedicated to all of you. And to the special being that didn't make it into this world.

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