Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My gripe about UPS and other random thoughts

It sucks. They’ll send your package to a different address, but not to a different UPS location, so I can’t pick it up from a UPS location close to me. Instead I have to drive an hour out of my way to pick it up because they determine the pick-up location by the zip code. An hour out of my zip code is not logical.
My cousin made me this awesome running c.d. and every time I run with it, I wanna run faster and longer. Hope it keeps me running for those 20 or so miles!!!

My friend has this really awesome blog: http://mycubehasthreesides.blogspot.com/ I can only dream of mine being so cool…
I’m going to NYC next week to visit Jewell and meet up with Azer. Cannot wait! Only 7 more days to go…
I’m on a trail mix kick…but am often reprimanded for not having M&Ms in the mix.
My car is still healthy.
I’m still reading Madame Bovary, along with Running Your First Marathon and One Hundred Years of Solitude and some magazines. I wonder why it’s taking me so long to finish Madame Bovary.


city girl said...

Well, I know what's taking you so long to read A Hundred Years of Solitude:) I had to read that in college, and in 'The Spanish', nonetheless. Garcia Marquez is one of the most longwinded writers ever! Good luck with that one!

Mac said...

First off: M&Ms are absolutely essential in The Mix; without them, you just have a bunch of vague dry stuff.

Second: Thanks for the link and compliments to my (earlier tonight I described in an email as "pathetic") blog.

Third: Should I have said "Confidence is Hott, Arrogance is Nott" for it to take better hold on you? Or "Confidence be the bombs, arrogance is for your moms"?

And Fourth: there is a Knot Mary on a tree in my 'hood. I've only driven by...lots of candles, flowers and a couple of chairs for the faithful. Faith is the new Black.

see you later...dude :-)